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Wir bieten Ihnen von der kreativen Produktrecherche, dem graphischen Design, der Produktion bis hin zur Konfektionierung und Logistik alles aus einer Hand.




  • Erstellung von Produktvorschlägen passend zum budget, der Ziel gruppe und Ihrer Marke
  • Prüfung auf technische Umsetzbarkeit
  • Angebotserstellung zu überzeugenden Konditionen
  • Erstellen von Produktdesigns



  • Bemusterung der Produkte
  • Genehmigung/Approval durch Sie



  • Erstellung eventuell von Formen und Werkzeugen
  • Start der Produktion mit laufender Qualitätskontrolle
  • Erstellung von Testzertifikaten



  • Versendung der Ware an unser Logistikzentrum
  • Versicherte Lagerung der Ware in Hamburg
  • Weiterleitung an Kunden oder Direktlieferung an Endkunden

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Our customers expect creativity, solution orientation, flexibility, quality and a project implementation 'in time on budget'. We intend to convince you too:

AGB and Imprint


Full World Merchandising GmbH
Amalienstr. 45
80799 Munich
Phone: + 49 89 / 638 926-0
Fax: + 49 89 / 638 926-15

E-Mail: info(at)fullworld-gmbh.de

Comany headquarters:

Court of jurisdiction:

Commercial register:
HRB 148252 

Executive manager:
Michail Kapouniaris


ramdesign Gestaltungsbüro; info(at)ramdesign.de

Simone Scharrer

Terms and Conditions

I. Scope of terms

1. Deliveries and services of Full World Merchandising Ltd. are made solely according to these general terms of sale. They are part of all contracts and also apply to future business relations even when they have not been explicitly agreed on again.

2. Any general terms and conditions or terms and conditions of purchase of the buyer are not recognized and explicitly rejected. If Full World Merchandising Ltd. takes an order or remains silent about a deal, this cannot be interpreted as an agreement to deviating terms and conditions or conditions of purchase. 

3. Changes and supplements to the contract must be made in written form. This also applies to changes or the revocation of this written form clause.

4. If a regulation of these general terms and conditions of sale or a part of this regulation should be or become invalid or should there be a regulation gap which needs to be filled, this does not affect the validity of other regulations of these general terms and conditions of sale. An invalid regulation of these terms and conditions of sale will be replaced by a new regulation which comes closest to the legal and economic contents of the invalid regulation. In much the same way the parties concerned will fill the regulation gaps mentioned above.

II. Offers

1. Offers of Full World Merchandising Ltd. are non-binding.

2. The contract comes into force when Full World Merchandising Ltd. issues a written order confirmation. The buyer is bound to the order until a firm response has been given by Full World Merchandising Ltd. This obligation on the side of the buyer, however, cannot last longer than four weeks after receipt of the order. 

III. Prices

1. The prices agreed on are binding for three months after conclusion of contract. If delivery is not made within that three-month period, higher acquisition costs that may have been incurred in the meantime authorize Full World Merchandising Ltd. to add a surcharge that is appropriate considering the discrepancy between the original price estimation and the eventual increase in costs. The buyer may withdraw from the contract if the surcharges exceed 5 % of the original total net order value.

2. Unless agreed on otherwise, all prices are plus packing. In case of free to door delivery, additional charges for transport and insurance apply.

3. In other cases, prices are calculated as follows. According to case, Full World Merchandising Ltd. marks the correct price calculation with a cross. 

IV. Conditions of Payment 

1. Any claims of Full World Merchandising Ltd. are payable upon delivery or, in the case of pickup, upon receipt of the note for shipment. 

2. Payment is due upon receipt of the invoice and to be made on the day indicated in the invoice. In the case of a bank transfer, payment is only considered on time if an account of Full World Merchandising Ltd. is credited with the amount in question on the day stated in the invoice.

3. If a customer defaults on his payments or instalments, a general interest of 12% p.a. is due. If the customer attests that no damages have been incurred through the default or that the damage amounts to less than the interest charged, this will be taken into account. In any case, Full World Merchandising Ltd. reserves the right to charge the statutory default interest of 8% points above the base rate. We also reserve the right to prove that higher damages have been incurred.
Should the customer’s financial standing deteriorate substantially after completion of contract, particularly if payments are suspended or the customer faces compulsory enforcement measures which are not rescinded within two weeks’ time, Full World Merchandising Ltd. is authorized to demand advance payment or an additional security of our choice for any further deliveries. Under the circumstances, Full world Merchandising Ltd. may also withdraw from the contract.

V. Delivery 

1. The risk passes over to the customer upon dispatch of the goods from storage or upon receipt of the note for shipment. 

2. Full World Merchandising Ltd. deliveries are dependent on correct and on-time self-delivery of our suppliers.

3. Full World Merchandising is entitled to make partial deliveries.

4. If the customer is in default of acceptance, Full World Merchandising Ltd. is entitled to store the goods in accordance to their needs and at the expense and the risk of the contract partner. We are also permitted to take all the measures necessary to preserve the goods and charge as delivered. All other legal regulations regarding default of acceptance remain in place.

5. Full World Merchandising Ltd. chooses the method of shipping, the means of transport and the shipping agent at our own discretion.

VI. Reservation of proprietary rights 

1. Full World Merchandising Ltd. reserves the proprietary rights on all goods delivered until full payment has been made for all current and future claims resulting from the contract with the customer. This also applies when individual or all claims are included in an account current and a balance is drawn and acknowledged. 

2. The customer is obligated to store the goods separately and appropriately for the duration of the reservation of proprietary rights. Damage or loss of an item must be reported to Full World Merchandising Ltd. immediately. 

3. The customer has the right to sell the goods in the ordinary course of business and in doing so assigns all claims to Full World Merchandising Ltd.; Full World Merchandising Ltd. accepts the assignment. The customer is not permitted to re-sell to third parties who rule out an assignment of claims or subject it to their approval. Both the customer and Full World Merchandising Ltd. are permitted to collect the assigned claims. By request of Full World Merchandising Ltd., the customer has to notify his buyers of the assignment. 

4. If the customer defaults on payments resulting from financial obligations owed to Full World Merchandising Ltd., or if the customer’s financial standing deteriorates as described in IV., no. 4, the permission to re-sell goods which have not been fully paid for as well as the right to collect the claims of Full World Merchandising Ltd. become invalid. 
Moreover, Full World Merchandising Ltd. is entitled to demand the surrender of the goods. Taking back the goods does not terminate the contract.

5. If the value of the goods exceeds the underlying claims by more than 20%, Full World Merchandising Ltd. agrees to release securities at the customer’s request.

6. If the customer has connected, blended or processed the goods (according to sections 947, 948 and 950 BGB), the reservation of proprietary rights extends to the new product. If the new product is comprised of goods of various suppliers, which have also been delivered under reserved proprietary rights, Full World Merchandising Ltd. becomes co-owner of the new product in relation to the proportion of the product delivered by Full World Merchandising Ltd. that the new product contains.

VII. Warranty 

1. If our goods are defective, faults must be reported to Full World Merchandising Ltd. and will be corrected within the warranty period of one year. If the customer is the user, the warranty period is two years on delivery. The faults will be remedied by exchange or repair free of charge.

2. If the faults cannot be remedied within a reasonable time frame, or if the repair or the exchange has failed twice for different reasons, the customer may decide between a price reduction and a termination of contract. Claims for damages or reimbursement of expenses are not affected, if not excluded according to point IX.

VIII. Obligation to inspect and notify of defects/customer recourse and return of goods 

1. The customer is obliged to examine the product for obvious faults, such as damages incurred through transport or packaging deficiencies, immediately after delivery. 

2. Obvious faults, particularly graver ones, which can hardly be overlooked, must be reported to Full World Merchandising Ltd. immediately. A detailed account as to the nature of the faults must be given.

3. Less obvious faults must be reported to Full World Merchandising Ltd. within two weeks of detection. A detailed account as to the nature of the faults must be given.

4. If the customer fails to fulfill his obligation to inspect and notify of defects, the product is considered accepted even with regard to any potential faults. 

5. The customer may not claim reimbursement of expenses from Full World Merchandising Ltd., which he or his buyers have had to bear in relation to the user, if he cannot attest that the product was already defective at the passing on of the risk (according to point V. no.1).

6. Goods returned on the permitted basis of sale or return will only be accepted if they are undamaged and unopened and in the original, undamaged packaging. 

IX. Liability

1. Full World Merchandising Ltd. is fully liable for claims under the product liability act.

2. Full World Merchandising Ltd. is also fully liable for claims arising from injury to life, body or health. This liability extends to our legal representatives and assistants. 

3. Generally, Full World Merchandising Ltd. is liable only for intent and gross negligence, irrespective of the legal grounds. This liability also extends to our legal representatives and assistants. In the case of a breach of duty of essential importance for achieving the purpose of the contract, Full World Merchandising Ltd. is also liable for slight negligence. In such cases, however, liability is limited to contract-typical, foreseeable damages.

4. Beyond these cases, Full World Merchandising Ltd assumes no liability. 

X. Miscellaneous 

1. Setting off payments with counter demands or the practice of a right of lien are only permitted if the claims are undisputed by Full World Merchandising Ltd. or against which no legal course is possible.

2. The assignment or pledge of claims by the customer against Full World Merchandising Ltd requires our written consent to become effective. Consent may be denied without giving a reason.

XI. Place of performance/Place of jurisdiction/ Applicable law 

1. Place of performance for any mutual obligations resulting from the business connection is the company headquarters of Full World Merchandising Ltd.

2. For all disputes arising between the parties, irrespective of the legal grounds they originated from, Munich is the sole place of jurisdiction if the customer is a merchant, a body corporate under public law or special federal funding, or if the customer has no general place of jurisdiction in Germany.

3. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) does not apply.



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